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Hi Dom, have you managed to get your hub sorted? Would have text but don’t have your number… Hope your enjoying the weather, Pete

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Good to see you all for the curry!
Is anyone out on their bike Sunday, I’m in Nam! Can’t promise that I’ll be too early though…

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Cheers for the ‘jump around like a spring lamb’ ride last night Mark.

Shall we go for the meet at Royal William for a ‘blast through woods madness with added ‘fastest I’ve gone through the bomb hole, cleared the double step drop and not sure whether I cleared roots after the lumpy bit but who cares, so long as I don’t snap my chain again on a random chain mashing log which meant the guys following nearly hit me at full pelt coz I didn’t want to stand in the stingers to get out the way when I stopped’?

And can we utilise the guiding skills of Olly as he seems to show us something new quite often?

See you Tuesday…

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Hi guys, just thought I’d let you know about this trip to Wales being organised on uk-mtb. Met a couple of the guys before and there is quite a range of abilities by the looks of things. I’ve got a weekend pass as Polly is in France. take a look at, . Cheers, Pete

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Hi guys, please have a look at this link. If you’d like to make a donation Polly would be very pleased, and if not thanks for taking a look, Pete

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I’m in Nam for the weekend. Polly here too. So may be out on Saturday for a not too strenuous one, and not too early if the P comes too. See, it said ‘wishy washy’ at the beginning! Oh, and thanks Tim K

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Hi guys, thanks Mark for the ride on the 8th, enjoyed the ‘new’ trail discovery and of course the BOMBHOLES! We haven’t been out on Cleeve for some time, do we want to go there Tuesday? I think I can remember a route round (our usual), but there is a preference for another location I’m easy. Hope to you all next week, Pete

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This may only be relevant to Alastair and not those weekend bed lovers! Thinking of heading out Saturday morning for an 8.30 start, not sure where yet, Cleeve? So far the weather looks pretty good, bright and crisp…

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Is it worth making a tentative plan for a ride tomorrow night? So long as it isn’t stair rods I’d like to get out, any one for Daisybank? How was Royal William on Saturday? Forgotten what you all look like! Fingers crossed!

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Who’s up for a ride tomorrow then? Tis a little short notice I know, could meet at Daisy Bank at the usual time and then go from there. Text me if you have my number, other wise will check tinterweb when I get home (though this takes a reasonable chunk of ‘change and get up the hill time’). Bring your water-wings!

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