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Some time back out on a Tuesday Ross and I were talking about bike maintenance. He suggested that it would be a good idea to have an inventory of tools that we possess between us, I for one have a number of items that I wouldn’t mind lending if it helped any of you guys out of an unnecessary bill and out onto the trails double quick. Can even show you how to use them if you’re unsure, I try to do all my repairs and maintenance.
On that note, does any one have a star fangled nut installer?
See you Tuesday!

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Have started a Hotsingletrack set in my Flickr account to upload the odd photo I take whilst we’re out, thought I’d post the link so you guys can have a look. Though they’ll end up here too when I remember to use the upload facility!

petethebogmonster Flickr

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For my first post (thanks Alistair and Tim) I thought I’d wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!
Thanks guys, I’ve enjoyed Tuesday nights and meeting new friends. Looking forward now to 2008 and working off the excess turkey with you all, hope Santa brings you what you want, Cheers Pete

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