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Hi guys

Great ride Tuesday, Still experimenting with my GoPro camera let me know what you think?


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Posted on behalf of Dom:

Lets do a Cranham ride, I will need help on the route (You available Olly??)

Normal starting time and place.

Hope to see you there.

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Well that was a first, I rode to the start, I was 15 mins early and nobody else arrived.

Ahh well had a fab ride the rain stayed away in fact it got better than that the sun came out and I could take photos whenever : )

This is what I did managed: The route

Hopefully see you next week


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Hi all

As you will probably know, to add to everything that has gone on, HST broke : (

Anyways after a short delay we are now back on track.

Looking forward to the curry night on Thursday (thanks to MarkB for organising)

Take care


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Hi all just thought I would give you all an update to keep peeps up to date on what’s been going on in my world.

Back what seems forever ago, 12 weeks to be exact, over a weekend I gradually had a pain develop under my right rib to a point I had to go to a London A&E in early hours of Monday morning. I was wrongly diagnosed with a fractured rib after doing no investigation to come to this conclusion and discharged on pain killers.

Two weeks later I returned to the Cheltenham A&E early one Thursday morning as the pain was again unbearable. This time an investigation was done. 3 X-rays, 2 Ultrasound and 2 CT scans later, all in the same day, I was diagnosed: Major Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli. That is a bad dose of multiple blood clots on both lungs. Added to a this a partially collapsed lung on one side and an infection in both.

This is not the best news I have had I can tell you. Two weeks in hospital including two days when Lai thought that was it and they let out on a bucket load of pills. Two weeks after that I was back in for a week due to more pain and had another CT scan. I have been out for 4 weeks now. The pain is still about sometimes hence I am still on pain killers, and I just get so tired so quickly doing routine daily things but this to be expected so they say.

I am on Warfarin for the next 6 months to thin the blood and try and disperse the clots. Then starts the find out why phase. There are actually some of the “Are you susceptible to clots” tests that they can do now. I have had the blood taken for these and am waiting the results.

Added to this they also found a tumour in my tummy, it was an incidental find, but worrying to me. An endoscopy went to see it and they are happy that it is not cancer. I don’t have plan of what to do with this over time.

I am back at work now (first week back) working from home initially due to how quickly I get tired doing normal things. Hoping to get back to normal working just as soon as I can.

Not sure when I will start riding again but will have to start gently whenever it is!

Hope things are good with you all and that you are all enjoying the summer riding : )

Hope to see you soon


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Hi guys, hot on the trail of a great ride last week shall we do Olly’s route next week.

We should have a guest rider Paul from our Huddersfield office coming out to play. The weather is looking good for the weekend so it should be a good one.

Meet at Royal William 6:15, once again please post intension to ride (or not).


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After the success of previous curry nights and the fact that it was a while back since we had one lets do another.

We have been juggling dates for a while now so I am going to pick one and hope that it is far enough ahead for everyone to be able to make it.

So Lets go for Thursday 12th June, meet in Morans @ 7:00 for a meal @ 7:30. We have tried 2 curry houses so far, lets try a BYO. So B10 on Suffolk Road, formally Balti Raj, it is (any objections ?).

Hope you can all make it.

Post soon(ish) if you can make it so I can gauge numbers and get it booked.

Enjoy the weekend


PS Remember to bring beer.

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Hi all

Thanks Rick for a great ride, some bits that I had not done before on cleeve ! (and lots that I had)

Check out here for the low down (and pictures)

Looking forward to the next.


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Hi all

Well thanks all for the ride yesterday, and surprise surprise 3 month off really does take a toll, so sorry for holding everyone up. Ride started at a cracking pace and continued for its 14 miles to the end, well would have if I could have kept up. For those of you that don’t know the reason for the extended pause at the end, this was due to me “hitting the wall” and my leg finally giving up completely and locking out completely with cramp.

Anyways hopefully with practice I am hoping the next ride will not be as hard for me, so here’s looking forward to the next.


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Hi all

Hope the weekend was kind to all ?

It is the start of another week, and Tuesday beckons. I do believe that we said we would do a Cleeve Hill ride this week, so 6:15 usual start point (see Start Points for a map)

Rick you up for showing us the route you did last time ? Or we will have to see if we can find it :-)

Post if coming out to play.


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