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OK we have talked about it, so lets do it.

Hopefully we all know the venue that we chose,  post if you need a reminder and I will e-mail you.

But lets get together Thursday 4th October for curry (and beer if you want)

Shall we say a 7:30pm start

Post if you are interested and I will get it booked

Have a great weekend


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Hi all

Off the back of the comments from the last outing to Bisley lets do it again.

To state the obvious for this time of year, lights now required.

So normal 6:15 start.

Check out the Ride Start points if you need directions.

Post if you intend to be there


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Hi all

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Hope you enjoy this new feature


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Hi all

The next battle is Cleeve hill to be lead by Rick, start at the usual view point car park

Check out the Ride Start points if you need directions.

6:15 off.

Post if riding

Have a great long weekend


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As I was leaving the office, a quick “fancy a ride” to Olly and I was part of a 6 strong group of friends starting from the Royal william :-) 3 rides in 4 days.

Bit scary for me, not only was the bike new, but now all the riders were, other than Olly. Anyway was good fun, and luckily I managed to keep up both up and down. Thanks guys ! There are no camera shots, it was a tad on the dark side, but here is the map of where we went:

and all the stats data can be found here

The bike just gets better and better, real pleased with it. This ride however the creak was getting louder and louder in the crank area, and I managed to snap a chain ! On inspection when getting home all 5 bolts that hold the middle ring on were loose ish! lets hope that solves the creak ??


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Hi all

Another fab ride, starting from a old haunt the Fostons Ash pub on the road from Birdlip to Bisley. A great turn out of 8 folks and 3 of those on Cannondale Prophets, mine being the latest (see last post for info)

This was the first real ride on the new machine, so how was it to be ? set off downhill for a loooong way, the dale was lovely and easily kept up, this was followed on witn you guessued it a real uphill again behaved fab, the ride meandered on up hill & down dale through woods over fields and on occasionally on tarmac ! 14 miles in all and all great stuff. There was 1 particular fast downhill when my prophet proved itself, we were flat out 4 a-breast down a gravel almost road, then Ross had a 1 second hesitation of “are we going the correct way” and that was enough straight for the inside line and there was dust stones and all sorts flying back and I was first out of the corner ! The new prophet is officially OK.

There were some great photos :

Mark playing “i’m a teapot”

Neil meditating

I’m a film star don’t you know

Check out the rest.

Wont mention the scarey single track next to the layby in full just safe to say it was not the best singletrack in the world, it being next to a truckers layby and all !

And on to where we went:

and for all the info check out here

Thanks all for a great ride and a well deserved beer, hope to see you all next week


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Well I can now believe it ! Cannondale have come up with a new frame :-)

Leisure Lakes have been great, took some prompting but we got there eventually. They called me up a week ago and said “its here but we can not build it for a week” so wait I did. Then the build day was here and I called up @ 11 ish to see when it should be ready, “later today sir” popped in @ lunch time, “Oh I must remind them about that one”, called up @ 4:30pm “yes it is booked in for today” OK when will it be ready umm I’ll check……….. 5:15, they shut @ 5 ! I camped there from 5, anyways all done now and the moment of truth was there, love it or hate it ??

Wow love it !

And to the bill ?? £40 and that was for a new front mech as it was not compatable and new cables, they did not fit, cool.

Got it home, rear shock straight out of the box no air in it to speak of, pedals hit the floor a few times, 30 mins later of fettling with shock pump and all done. quick change, on the motor and off up Leckhampton.

The ride

One word – FANTASTIC

See you all out tomorrow for the first “real” ride


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Hi there

Well what a fantastic ride, did a bit of the old trails and some of the new, and they mixed up real well. Left the car park

and started riding out on the new start, straight up the side of the hill. Carried on to the aerials and on over the back, old trails now, down through the singletrack in the woods where we found mud ! Stopped at the bottom for a breather until I had killed 5 horse files in about a minute, nuff of that so off we set. Alastair’s comment “I forgot there was some tarmac out here” was great would not be the same without some mr “tarmacman”. Stopped to take pictures of the Porsche along here

then got chased by a V pink nissan micra till we hit trails again. Then the slog up up up and up a bit more to the “we should do that up” barn

for a rest, The final climb saw us at the top again. Met Simon up here going the other way, we must hook up for a ride sometime soon. Now came the new stuff dropping down in the fast fun stuff and into the quarry, for the more technical stuff all good

and a decision was to be made, drop into the washpool or to the final whoops, Mark was feeling the effects of a V full snowboarding / mountainbiking weekend and did not fancy them both, walking the up hills was kicking in:

whoops won, and they were as good as the ever :-)

and back to the motors for 8:30 as per time slot. Off home for a SHOWER waters on !
So Welcome Chew (aka giantxtc)

hope you enjoyed the ride you did seem to, hope to see you out next week.

Its 1am need sleep now


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Right there is a promise of water for tomorrow :-) so hows about a ride ? 

 Still nothing back from Cannondale so the voodoo it is for me.

So shall we try the Cleeve hill ride again 6:15 in the view point car park opposite the toilet block.

Check out the Ride Start points if you need directions.

 Let me know


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OK, I along with Ross so far are concerned with the lack of a shower after a ride, what are others thoughts ?


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