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Due to the WET conditions, how about a well drained E ride this time around time?

My legs are shot from the HONC (Never again), so i may take a slow ride to the start point…

Please post if riding

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My pride and joys were stolen last night from my garage!. If you happen to spot a very rare Kermitt Green Orange FIVE, or a Bianchi Nirone 7 Road Bike please contact either me or the police ASAP!!! :(

(Photos to be posted on here shortly)

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There is a long or short version. Not sure which one i fancy. 61.4 miles seems an awful long way if I use my mountain bike brain!…

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Meet at the royal william at 6:30 for a frozen, mudless cranham ride :) . Or if anyone has any better suggestions…

As usual i am bound to get lost, so anyone is welcome to lead!

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With all this darn rain, and scattered showers (with sunny spells) forecast for tomorrow I think Cleeve Hill will be the best option for this weeks ride. Don’t mind doing either the postlip route or figure of eight (with extras)

I’ll be riding up from sixways at 17:45 if anyone wants to join me (sigh, Aggs Hill)

Please post if riding…

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I know we started from the Royal William last week, but instead why don’t we take in the best trails Cranham has to offer. It will be REALLY dry, therefore darn ACE!!

Please post if riding…

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Update 31/03/12 – agreement

The Buckholt Wood trails we can ride are shown on the map:

Natural England map of permitted cycle routes in Buckholt Wood
I think these trails will be known to most Bigfooters, but the approximate grid references for the start and end points are:

East-West trail, SO 9032 1337 to SO 8921 1352
Link from old Sanatorium Road to start of Wall trail SO 8920 1352 to SO 8869 1354
Wall trail SO 8869 1354 to SO 8832 1308
Teachers trail SO 8941 1360 to SO 8960 1327
Return route to East-West trail SO 8960 1327 via SO 9002 1316 to SO 9036 1341
The access agreement also includes:

An unnamed (shared use) trail which runs approximately from SO 893 130 via SO 890 132 to SO 884 130
An unnamed (shared use) trail which runs approximately from the Portway at 880 129 to SO 877 127
We have proposed a simple code of conduct:

Please be considerate towards other trail users – slow down near walkers, dogs, horses etc, let them know you are there and pass them carefully. This includes trails considered as singletrack – cyclists do not have exclusive use of any trail
Please do not build new trails, jumps or other constructions, dig berms, cut down trees or remove branches
If there is a problem with a trail please get in touch with Roger Smith so it can be resolved through Natural England and the forestry manager
Cycling on the trails is with the landowner’s permission, this does not imply any right of way
Cycling is not allowed on the permissive horseways in Buckholt Wood – these are not bridleways with associated rights of way
Other trails in Buckle Wood and Cranham Wood are not covered by this agreement
Other aspects

We intend to review this agreement after a period of time – at this point we can assess how it’s working and whether any changes are needed.

We will continue to use the lines of communication established between the cycling community, Natural England and the forestry manager to resolve problems or make changes. This might include:

Where seasonal or temporary variations need to be made, for example during forestry operations
Where the precise route of a trail needs to be modified
We agreed it would be good to give something back to the woodlands we ride in – we intend to help Natural England with their volunteer working parties in Buckholt Wood through the winter months (say monthly or every two months, October to March). So make sure you all know where your wellies are.

All CC-CC and Bigfoot members taking part in organised club rides will have third party insurance (provided by CTC or equivalent).

What happens next?

We will need a few more days to agree the precise content of the code of conduct with NE and the landowner, but we don’t expect this to change massively.

We should be OK to start riding the trails again from Good Friday.

Natural England will sort out the signboards, leaflets and trail waymarks in due course.

Roger has published the draft agreement we drew up on Singletrackworld

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This one is you you Alastair, we’ll get you riding Timbercombe someday…

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…anyone interested in doing the Wentwood 50km Mountain Bike Enduro?

A few of us have signed up, but you have to hurry as i believe it gets booked up pretty quickly!

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