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Am hoping to go to see this limited release film about middle aged men and their bikes … only showing local-ish is at Coleford on May 16th at 6pm – if they get enough signed up to see it! But trailer here is intriguing anyway….. MAMILS preview

Mark M

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This one is you you Alastair, we’ll get you riding Timbercombe someday…

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I’ve just had word from Roger Smith at The Corrective (the mountain biking arm of the CCCC).

The low life bike thieves appear to be around the area again. I have spoken to the police and they are aware of the recent incidents. If you wish to make a note of local police contact details incase you witness an incident or are suspicious you have been followed home by thieves, then there are some details below. Prevention is best cure so make sure you are aware in case a car is following you, and try giving them the slip by riding around a bit more before you go to your house. When you get home, secure your steed asap and preferably in your house if you can.

Recently made aware to me have been a Green Subaru Legacy Estate with bright “555” race logos on it and a blue Vauxhall Vectra estate. These have been reported as suspicious and spotted around the Daisybank car park area – usually with 3 or 4 males in them.

  • Crime in progress – 999/112
  • Suspicious circumstances – 0845 090 1234 (or 999, if you think that a crime is imminent!)
  • Info – 0845 090 1234

(If people have specific info on a crime that has already happened or can identify those responsible for committing one, then should they wish to remain anonymous, they can ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111)

If people have specific info re a historic event, you can contact 0845 090 1234 and ask to be put through to Leckhampton police station. People to talk to then would be either PS Tim Hutchinson, PC Margaret (Billy) Chapman-Smith, or PC Adam Williams. All three of them are involved in trying to tackle this problem at a local level.


They tend to follow riders home from Leckhampton and then break in once they’ve gone out or gone to bed. If you’re biking up there be very careful to make sure you’re not followed home. The best way is go home without passing through the main car parks, and try to take off-road routes where you can (e.g. sandy lane and the various footpaths through town) if you can. Obviously this is more tricky if you’ve driven up there – in that case you’re better off not using a bike rack, and not putting obvious stickers on the car (MBUK, Dirt, Rockshox, etc). Maybe a bit of crazy-ivan avoidance tactics, or driving the long way around. All common sense really.

The cars to look out for at the moment are a green Subaru Legacy (emblazoned with big yellow 555 stickers) and a blue Vauxhall Vectra estate. They don’t always park in the car parks either – they’re often on Leckhampton road (or in one of the little side-roads) waiting for people to pass.

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