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Scroll down this article for tips on rechargable battery storage and charging:

This site often has other useful technical stuff…

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A review of 10 current models between £100 & £200 on Cycling Weekly website


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It’s that time of year when we start talking about lights again! Any suggestions – please post!

  1. Mark B has come up with the following suggestions for a torch which one cycling blogger highly recommends:

Hi Alastair

This is the one I reckon looks like a good deal. Downside is it only lasts an hour at full power but comes with a spare battery and you could run it at half power if you wanted. Link now sold out – see below.

This is the sellers blog and explains that some of the cheaper batteries you might find on ebay are in fact old laptop batteries with a new wrapper and some of the cheap chargers are basically dangerous (despite having CE mark).



Here is a link to the chaps eBay shop as the one I sent you is now sold out…

2. Tony’s very happy with his new Magicshine light from Deal Extreme, now available from their UK warehouse so faster delivery. Link to follow….

3. Steve has a different model of Magicshine with a plastic battery case to try to keep it all waterproof….

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Mark M & Olly & anyone else who has one of these,

Please can you post a link to the light you have if you can remember it and any comments as to what you think? Not sure if you both have the same model but they both seem pretty powerful.

I think my old halogens are coming to the end of their life and I can’t afford to eat and buy current LED lights from Leisurelakes, etc.

Thanks very much,


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Guys – if anyone didn’t get Mark’s £50 stand a little while back ……. this

is on eBay for £37 delivered – I have one and it is fine (took about a week to arrive from Germany). Have even done some work on my bike!!!!!!!!

Roll on lighter evenings!


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Guys – I have a birthday coming up and plan to request lights … they ought to be a decent price at the moment! Don’t know much about them – but any suggestions / recommendations …. budget end of the spectrum of course.

cheers, Mark M

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Some time back out on a Tuesday Ross and I were talking about bike maintenance. He suggested that it would be a good idea to have an inventory of tools that we possess between us, I for one have a number of items that I wouldn’t mind lending if it helped any of you guys out of an unnecessary bill and out onto the trails double quick. Can even show you how to use them if you’re unsure, I try to do all my repairs and maintenance.
On that note, does any one have a star fangled nut installer?
See you Tuesday!

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