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I’m just about to embark on a little winter (as long as it takes and money permitting!) project.  I’ve just purchased an Orange Crush frame and it will be a DIY build!
I’m thinking at the mo’ that it will be a burley trail thrasher. This means Ebay will possible get a lot more transactions from me!  So, what I’m also saying is if there are any parts that people want to sell, now could be a good time. Plus you won’t have to put them on Ebay!
I have looked at the finished bike that comes from the factory and this does have a great spec’ but I am leaning towards adjustable forks that will give my ride the ability to go up hills without wheelies and then thrash down the other side on full bore.
As this is on a budget, second hand is good but well used and just about to retire is not.  So, if you guys have any thoughts on bits to fit or have anything for sale let me know.  It also goes without saying that if you know anyone else who is in the market to sell, I might be interested.

Happy Trails,   Ross

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Hi all,
Hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thought I would drop a couple of lines as I’ve not written for a while.
Now we all need to burn off the mince pies and excess drink from the last few weeks, I do believe I have eaten my own body weight in chocolate alone!
So its out on the bike to enjoy what the winter weather has to throw at us. For a couple of people this has meant biking in the snow(lucky Guys) for the rest it means not getting blown off the bike and plenty of mud!
Talking of mud, Mark B and I found plenty of this on a ride today from The Royal William, we gave Olly’s route a go but managed to shorten it with a long push up to the road leading away from Birdlip to the sweet singletrack. Bomb holes were done as they should then it was back on the road……the road which has been completely redone! Tarmacalastair will love it! Then up through the woods to the top of ‘the wall’ which was ridden with style and finess. This is when I wish I had put the new tyes on that are currently gracing the dining room.
More spending required as Mark pointed out that my saddle bag was bursting, this was due to getting a downhill innertube in and thus filling it beyond its capabilities. So it online after this to research… which might involve looking a new forks as well!

Happy Trails

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Hi all,

Yes its that time again when I go off on one!

Well it was a sunny Sat morning when when the five of us headed for the mountains. It was an early start (830am) when we went through FOD and over the boader into a traffic jam in Wales! This was caused by a small hole in the road thus making 2 lanes into 1. Whilst sitting in this jam thoughts of whistling down winding singletrack and the sun casting its rays through the trees seemed a long way away.
We got to Cwmcarn(1100am!) sorted the bikes out and fueled up on coffee,flapjack & bananas! Well its one hell of a climb up, when temps around 24c.

Off we went slowly climbing up over the dry loose ground and those tree roots that can have a habbit of being in the wrong place when the going is hard enough!

After a few well needed rest stops we got to the best bits thats well worth the slog. It has to be said the views from the top are great so time to look, as its a bit of a job when going down!

The first non up section I think is the Sidewinder, this is loads of twisty bits going through a minefield of tree stumps(great stuff with lots of dust) Then you drop down through the trees winding you way around the mountain with some top singletrack that will put a smile on your face!

It has to be said that a Great ride was had, shame we only had the time & the energy to do the one loop.
If this has got you thinking go to then we should sort a big ride out there!

Happy Trails, Ross

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Hi all,

Here I am just about to go off on a typical Rossi tangent & cant think of much to say!

So….Sat morning  Tim (of the not seen on a tues type!) and I went to the F.O.D & met fellow rarely seen Matt.

It was your typical not so early off, got to the forest around 10.30am. We set off on the family trail to get warmed up then into the woods & the mud, nice & slippy under wheel!

My bike was doing it’s creeking thing on the up hills and out performing the rider on the downhills. It has to be said that the new Fox shock is much better than than my old Roc’ SID!!!!!

Plenty of muck and bullets later three happy mbr’s were sitting down having earned their cuppas. Then I put the bike into the Pedalaway workshop, a few quids later I’ve a new bb & no more creaking when laying in the power(fingers crossed) This means that on Tues eve you won’t hear my bike, just me rattling on as usual!

Happy Trails!

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Well this is a first for me!

Keeping in mind that my computer skills are limited this has potential to go a bit a stray!

This is where my talking twaddle turns into written twaddle!

As this is my 1st posting its staying short and sweet. At some point I will post photos and other ramblings until then this is as far as this one goes!

Happy Trails!

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