Suggestion that we ride Cleeve, usual meeting place at the lay-by. Unless something else has been arranged.

5 Responses to “Cleeve Ride Anyone”
  1. DomDom says:

    Steve, I might have to drive up as work will make it tight tomorrow. Rack is on the car, so I could swing by to you if you want the lazy boy trip up the hill?

  2. mark b says:

    sorry working away tomorrow, so won’t be back in time. Have a good one.

  3. Sorry, can’t make it tonight.

    Have a good one…

  4. gear masher says:

    Planning to come along. Wait for me at the top of the hills!


  5. DuskyWhite2 says:

    I”m game. As Dom cant rode up to cleeve i believe we have change the ride to e Timbercombe, Whistely, Lineover, Dowdeswell ride. We could all meet at the clocktower (next to Cheltenham Park Hotel and Lillybrook Golf Course) at 6:30 :)