Who’s coming to Cannock?

Superb trails and fab cafe

8:00 depart for a 10 ish off
3:00 finish for a 4:30 return

17th Feb 2013

7 Responses to “Cannock Chase Day”
  1. DuskyWhite2 says:

    Oh yeah baby … cannock is brilliant, and caters for all. It’s very wooded with no killer climbs either.

  2. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Had a morning’s riding there a few years back – it is good.

  3. DomDom says:

    The new routes are great, and all near the hot chocolate centre :)

  4. mark b says:

    Are they still performing? ‘I believe in miracles’…….

    Hopefully will make the 8am start, if not will be there later.


  5. gear masher says:

    I’ve always wanted to ride the Cannock trails, but unfortunately I’m not available that weekend (assuming my injuries are better by then). Hopefully another opportunity will arise in the future.



  6. mark b says:

    Sorry chaps. Going to save some brownie points and give this one a miss. Hopefully check it out later this year.

  7. Afraid we’re away this weekend. Hope you all have a great time.