Lets start at the Royal William, Cranham this week. There’s plenty of singletrack to play on around there.

Let us know if you’re coming along!

12 Responses to “Tues 20th May — Cranham — 6:15pm”
  1. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Should be able to make this jetlag permitting (back in UK yesterday). Cheers Mark M

  2. The Lost Prophet says:

    I too should be there, have had to cannibalise a left shifter off my road bike till my new ebay purchase arrives. Seems to work OK but will bring toolkit just in case 😉 Cheers neil

  3. The Prophet says:

    Ahh I really wana ride, but Lai is back and I want an evening with her even more.

    So see ya all next week.

  4. Mat says:

    Sounds good. See you there. Mat

  5. gear masher says:

    Am hoping to come along for this one. Must remember to fix a puncture first!

  6. mark b says:

    Will be there, courtesy of a lift from Olly.

    Mark B

  7. Ross says:

    I’m up for it!
    Having not been on the bike over the weekend, must rember that all work and no play makes Ross P****d off!

  8. petethebogmonster says:

    Don’t forget me! See you there, will be nursing the bike as it seems to have developed a chain suck habit in the Peaks this weekend, looks like an expensive episode of chain rings, chain and cassette replacement very soon, gulp! Conquered Suiside break and the Beast on Saturday morning.
    Pity I wasn’t at Ladybower the day before as there was a commemorative fly by, including Lancaster and Spitfire. It was in honour of those who took part in the bombing of the Ruhr dams with the bouncing bombs and to remember the great number of men who lost their lives on the raid (Ladybower was where they practised).
    Also did a small loop, from latest MBR route mag, at Totley Moor near Sheffield. Always take your bike and a route guide, keep finding brilliant rides…

  9. Rickster says:

    Work intervenes for the second week running – have a good one and hopefully see you all in a week or so. Rick

  10. mark b says:

    Cheers for an excellent ride Olly (and a lift there).
    Good to do a different route, with some old favourite bits thrown in for good measure…

  11. petethebogmonster says:

    Grrr! That was a general grumble at tinterweb after discovering this mornings praise, to Olly and last nights route, was webswalloweddisappeared! Anyway, back to praise! Ta Olly, enjoyed the singletrack madness of Cranham and hope to get back there again soon…

  12. petethebogmonster says:

    As for the Ladybower stuff, practice for the raids took place in the Elan valley in Wales, but the film was shot largely at Ladybower.