Cheers for the ‘jump around like a spring lamb’ ride last night Mark.

Shall we go for the meet at Royal William for a ‘blast through woods madness with added ‘fastest I’ve gone through the bomb hole, cleared the double step drop and not sure whether I cleared roots after the lumpy bit but who cares, so long as I don’t snap my chain again on a random chain mashing log which meant the guys following nearly hit me at full pelt coz I didn’t want to stand in the stingers to get out the way when I stopped’?

And can we utilise the guiding skills of Olly as he seems to show us something new quite often?

See you Tuesday…

4 Responses to “Tuesday 26th…”
  1. mark b says:

    Hi Pete

    Will be there. Have a good Bank Holiday.

    Mark B

  2. mark b says:

    p.s. bring your lights next week. It’s will be quite dark in the woods by end of ride….

  3. The Prophet says:

    Aiming to be there hopefully with more energy than last week, but not promising, a long weekend of cheese and wine in France may just do me in

  4. Hope to be there…. Hope someone knows the way as I got lost there a couple of weeks ago….

    Pete – any luck with my rear shock? You were gonna do some research….