Ben has requested a repeat of last week’s ride as he didn’t make it.

Happy to oblige as we avoided the worst of the mud.

Please post if riding.


5 Responses to “Wednesday 10th Feb, 1830, location N”
  1. gear masher says:

    Yes, planning to be there…


  2. mark b says:

    me too, been a while…

  3. Steve W says:

    Oh he has has he! Hahaha. See you there dudes…

  4. BloomingBen says:

    Ha dob me right in it Alistair. I’ll be there as long as I can get my bike repaired again….!

  5. mark b says:

    Haven’t ridden for 3 week
    Full of cold
    Kids kept me awake since 3 this morning

    That’s the excuses out of the way. Will be out tonight but will just do a short ride & may well just ride to a pub for a pint :)