Meet at Location A for a ride through Workmans Wood towards Cranham.

Please post if riding.

Cheers, Tony

5 Responses to “Wednesday 9th March 6:30pm – Location A”
  1. BloomingBen says:

    Yes I’m definitely in. I’m hoping to bring a new rookie rider along (if that’s ok?)…

  2. mark b says:

    Sorry chaps, gonna do a FoD ride this Weds. Hopefully catch up next week.
    Git some GT85 from wilkos for £2.95, cheers Alastair :)

    Mark B

  3. BloomingBen says:

    Hi guys. Really sorry but Steve is twisting my arm really hard and has bullied me into going to Fod so no can do again this Wednesday. Sorry.

  4. That’ll just be me and Tony then….

  5. Steve W says:

    Hahaha, you coward Ben. Fancy blaming me you retard – LOL. Have fun chaps!