I know it’s not local for all but wondered about riding a cleeve ride this week?

Lets meet by the masts at cleeve common, (NOT the usually lay-by) to avoid race traffic.

Tony, if you can make it aim or Alastairs house, then straight over sixways and up Greenway Lane. Im convinced the journey time will be quicker than the usual meeting place. I can give you better directions if you need them dude.

Please post if riding…

6 Responses to “6:30pm Wednesday 15th March – Cleeve Common (avoiding race traffic)”
  1. Sounds good to me. Will try & ride up. Tony, can you make it to mine or Sixways to start riding about 1800?

  2. mark b says:

    Sorry chaps. Gonna sit this one out.
    I’m going to new bike park on Thursday & want an early night (with no kit cleaning involved).
    Have a good one.

    Mark B

  3. gear masher says:

    Would like to ride, but not sure what the traffic will be like around ‘Nam this week. Will try to get to yours for 6pm Alastair, if I can leave work early I might manage it. Will text you on Wednesday to confirm.


  4. Steve W says:

    30 minutes to ride up Aggs probably isn’t enough time Alastair. Dom and I are going to ride up, and we’re leaving at 5:45 form my house. Let me know what you want to do.

    Tony, the masts is a 10 minutes drive from Alastair’s. Do you know where the masts are?

  5. gear masher says:

    Hi Steve,

    I can’t really remember how to drive up to the masts, but I’ll look it up.

    I’ll also try contacting Alastair (wish me luck with that one lol!), and I’ll text you later.


  6. Steve W says:

    Hi Tony,

    I have texted you a map with directions. Hope it gets through. If not please see below written directions. I wrote these for the Bigfoot Website last year:

    Nearest Postcode: GL54 4EU.

    At Sixways junction from Copt Elm Road, got straight over (left road option) onto Greenway Lane. Follow this road through the traffic calming barriers until you meet the top of Harp Hill junction. Turn right, past back entrance to GCHQ Oakley, and drive up the steep Aggs hill. At the top keep right, then follow until you reach a grass triangle. Turn left and follow all the way to the end until you get to the three masts (Cleeve Common). This is a parking area.

    Hope this helps dude! Cheers, Steve