Gonna try location E, as there are no roots to negotiate. If it’s raining will have to duck out.


6 Responses to “Weds 30th March – location E – 6:30”
  1. gear masher says:

    Will be there, weather permitting!


  2. mark b says:

    Have given my bar light a proper overnight charge this week!

  3. Any objection to starting from the masts as discussed last week? Much easier for most of us to get to.

    I’ll be there if masts OK.

  4. gear masher says:

    Masts start point would be good for me :)

  5. BloomingBen says:

    I’m in. Was thinking about riding up from CK if anyone fancies it? Please let me know the agreed starting point…! :-)

  6. mark b says:

    Masts it is….