Hi Guys

Forecast is iffy but if it is dry later tomorrow am happy to do a ride.
Hopefully someone will step in if I duck out?

Mark B

6 Responses to “Weds 13th April – Location E – 6:30pm”
  1. gear masher says:

    Would be up for this if not persisting with rain!

    Shall we confirm nearer the time?


  2. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    I’m up for a ride if anyone else is going!

    Mark M

  3. mark b says:

    yep, will make a call late afternoon, as lovely by race course now but forecast rain for evening.

  4. gear masher says:

    Shame we can’t go now, the weather is beautiful at the mo!

    Forecast not looking so good for later on :(

  5. Will do my best to come along but not looking hopeful for getting back in time.

  6. mark b says:

    forecast has improved since this morning, fingers crossed….