How about moving our ride nights back to Tuesdays? Makes no difference to me but would mean some are able to join us more often.  Views please!!

8 Responses to “Tuesday rides?”
  1. mark b says:

    Yes please thanks

  2. gear masher says:

    Wednesdays suit me better at the mo, but could I could change to Tuesdays in the New Year if it means more people could join us. Just wondering who these people are though, as don’t Bigfoot do their rides on a Tuesday evening, which might deprive some people of the option to join us? (mentioning no names!)


  3. mark b says:

    My fault. I asked Mark M to canvas opinion.
    I may not be able to do Wednesdays now.
    Also I bumped into Ben in car park the other day & he said he cannot now do Weds.
    I was wondering if we moved to Tuesday, we may up our no.s?
    I had to ride on my own last night :(

  4. mark b says:

    I also saw Dom the other day & he is off bike due to knee injury. Not sure what his plans are…

  5. gear masher says:

    I guess I could change to Tuesday evenings, as I could move around the other things that I do in the week. I seem to remember that we changed to Wednesdays so that you could join us Mark (B) as Tuesdays weren’t convenient. Have things changed again now?

    Bigfoot rides appear to be on Tuesday evenings so I can’t see any of the guys that ride with them joining us. I remember at the time we changed to Wednesdays there were some comments made about them being able to do both, but I guess its difficult for some of them to get a pass…

  6. Steve W says:

    Hey chaps. yeah, i won’t be able to ride Tuesdays due to it being the Bigfoot evening. Winter Hot Single Track Wednesday’s work better for me, but I’ll go with (but potentially not ride with – ha) the masses 😀

    Obviously Dom and Ben are BF members, so they may alternate.

    Of course, an option wold be to keep both days as they are, and for those who can ride both can either ride BF Tuesday, or HST Wednesday? There is a green ride on Tuesdays with would suit you all down to the ground 😉 Especially as you’re BF member too Mark!

  7. Steve W says:

    In fact, you gus could ‘own’ the BF Tuesday Green rides 😉

  8. mark b says:

    Yep leave as is seems sensible.
    On the weeks when I can make a Weds will try & do HST.