Guys – I have a birthday coming up and plan to request lights … they ought to be a decent price at the moment! Don’t know much about them – but any suggestions / recommendations …. budget end of the spectrum of course.

cheers, Mark M

2 Responses to “Lights!”
  1. mark b says:

    Hi Mark

    The best value one I have seen is this:

    Not sure if Leisure Lakes have them in stock but they are the chaeapest price:

    Following places do have them in stock though…

    Burn time: 2h 45m max power to 36h + on low(and flash for days!)
    Weight: 110g without batteries
    Takes 4 AA batteries which can be rechargeable or replaceable cells
    In the box:
    Handlebar mount
    Helmet mount
    Wrist lanyard

    Same power as my Exposure Joystick helmet light but half the price!

    Mark B

  2. DomDom says:

    Exposure USE lights, they’re not that cheap but they are absolutely awesome. Hope also do some amazing lights at a good price.