Good to see you all for the curry!
Is anyone out on their bike Sunday, I’m in Nam! Can’t promise that I’ll be too early though…

4 Responses to “Sunday 27th…”
  1. Hi Pete,

    I am around but only in the afternoon from 1pm.

    Let me know if you wanna meet up for a quick blast…


  2. DomDom says:

    I have to ride early morning, 8 a.m. job or late Sunday night…

  3. DomDom says:

    Pete et al….I need to get riding early as have to be back for 11 ish…8 a.m. ? We could head up on to Cleeve Common if you like, ride up Harp Hill / Nags Hill?

  4. petethebogmonster says:

    Hello again, cheers for the text Alastair. Sorry not to reply Dom, wasn’t able to get online to communicate. Abandoned ride in the end as I managed to catch a bit of a hangover, not sure how that happened!!!