How about a curry night Thursday 1st September? Everyone should be back from summer hols by then and I have the friday booked off work :0)

Usual drill, Balti Walla 7:30pm. Bring your own booze with option to go to Exmouth afterwards if you run out!

Post if you wish to partake…


Mark B

p.s. unless there is overwhelming demand the awards ceremony will be saved until Xmas

6 Responses to “Thur 1st Sept – Curry Night – 7:30pm”
  1. The Prophet says:

    Mmmm Curry, sounds good to me. Count me in.

  2. DuskyWhite says:

    I would have just driven back from Switzerland the day before (and Thursday morning), but after a few hours nap i should be ok for the evening! … so the answer is yes.

  3. gear masher says:

    Yes, can make this.

  4. JohnnyTrailBlazer says:

    Hmm curry! I have not been for one of them in time… Count me in.

    Tuesday night rides have been difficult to get to because of work, but this winter should be OK.

  5. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    I’m in………