Hi Guys

Meet at Royal William for a Cranham ride. Might be an idea to bring lights, so you can be seen on the roads later on. If weather no good will ride round Painswick beacon instead.


Mark B

Excellent route, thanks Mark,

5 Responses to “Tues 30th Aug – Royal William – 6:15pm”
  1. I’ll come along if no one else shows and you don’t mind lots of stops – had to pump up my rear shock three times on Sunday.

  2. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    I’m up for this one – will probably ride up from home and see how far round I get this time!!

    Mark M

  3. gear masher says:

    Am up for this one. Alastair – I haven’t got a problem with lots of stops :)

  4. DomDom says:

    Not sure if I will be free later but hopefully will make it. Hope all well. :)

  5. DomDom says:

    Sorry chaps, got to go to Worcester this eve, so can’t make the ride :( Have a great one.