It’s that time of year when we start talking about lights again! Any suggestions – please post!

  1. Mark B has come up with the following suggestions for a torch which one cycling blogger highly recommends:

Hi Alastair

This is the one I reckon looks like a good deal. Downside is it only lasts an hour at full power but comes with a spare battery and you could run it at half power if you wanted. Link now sold out – see below.

This is the sellers blog and explains that some of the cheaper batteries you might find on ebay are in fact old laptop batteries with a new wrapper and some of the cheap chargers are basically dangerous (despite having CE mark).



Here is a link to the chaps eBay shop as the one I sent you is now sold out…

2. Tony’s very happy with his new Magicshine light from Deal Extreme, now available from their UK warehouse so faster delivery. Link to follow….

3. Steve has a different model of Magicshine with a plastic battery case to try to keep it all waterproof….

3 Responses to “Lights”
  1. Olly says:

    This lot now sell another variation on the P6 LED. Might be better if you prefer to buy from the UK:

    Or for (lots) more money the new Exposure Diablo and Hope R4 look pretty juicy.

    Meanwhile I’m awaiting a new battery and charger from hong kong for my cheap LED…

  2. The Prophet says:

    The new Exposure Diablo is a very very nice thing! I need to come out and use mine (I know)

    Its all in the design and manufacturing.

    Need to save up for the MaXx D to go with it now.


  3. DuskyWhite2 says:

    Hey guys, just bought a Joystick Mk6 (inc helmet mount) for the same price price as a Mk5 (£130ish) by using a 20% off voucher from the usual voucher sites.

    Used Mk5s (and some Mk4s) still go for £100 squid on ebay, so i figured an extra £30 for a new Mk6 was worth it…