6.15pm – meet at the usual place, up past the Rising Sun on the left. I might ride from the house and meet you over there  corner of Cirencester Road and Bradley Road, opposite Bafford Approach.

General idea is to do the usual fig 8 type loop and have fun :)

10 Responses to “Charlton Kings (not Cleeve Hill) Ride”
  1. DuskyWhite2 says:

    It all hangs in the balance for me, my mizzez is in London this weekend looking after her mum (just had a major op).

    If my bro-in-law has a late kick off for his 5-a-side match then i’m covered, if not i’m buggered!

    Will keep you posted…

    Alastair. Fitted a new gear cable which is perfect. Will drop your bike stand around this week- cheers. Can you (or anyone) make a lunch time ride on Wednesday?

    All set for Saturday Dom? My brother is on baby sitting duty for this one! If anyone else fancies a ride check out this link http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2011/11/introductory-ride-4/

  2. DuskyWhite2 says:

    Sorry, My mizzez is in London all week, not ‘weekend’…

  3. joeplews77 says:

    Hi, are you guys still meeting near the rising sun on Tuesday at 615? If so would it be ok for me and a mate to join?

    Regards JP

  4. Should be OK for this.

    Dom, if you read this in time, any chance you might have a helmet I can borrow. At work now for the day with all my kit and usually go straight there but forgotten helmet… Otherwise will just do the downhill bits even slower than normal….

  5. DuskyWhite2 says:

    Not looking good for me – DRAT!

    My window is only open until 7:45pm, which isn’t long enough. Have a good ’un chaps!

    Has anyone replied to joeplews77?

  6. Joe,

    Welcome to join us but there’s only two of us tonight and currently trying to renegotiate to a Leckhampton or Charlton Kings start instead as I can’t get away from work to make it over to Cleeve in time. (Don’t think Dom reads this during the day so waiting for a text)


  7. joeplews77 says:

    Hi Alistair, actually Charlton Kings would suit better for me too as im about a mile from there! What time will you be meeting? I will be with one other to make four. keen to head out with a group people with night light gear through the winter!


  8. OK, just spoken to Dom and it’s 1815 on the corner of Cirencester Road and Bradley Road (just opposite Bafford Approach). Numbers are creepin up too – got one more to make 5 in all….

    See you there!

  9. joeplews77 says:

    Great ok see you there. JP

  10. DomDom says:

    Copy that!