Meet near Alastairs pad and ride up Timbercombe and beyond?

5 Responses to “Shall we ride? Tuesday 1st May 2012”
  1. Should be nice and muddy – count me in.

    1815 OK with everyone?

  2. DomDom says:

    6.30 is best for me really as could be tight.

  3. mark b says:

    Will sit this one out. Back from France yesterday and shattered. Should be riding next Tuesday. Hope it stops raining for you.

  4. gear masher says:

    Will give it a go.

    Bearing in mind the incredibly wet conditions, it would probably be sensible to modify the route a bit to avoid places that we know are difficult at the best of times, such as climbing up Timbercombe. Lets see what we reckon when we meet up.


  5. The Prophet says:

    I will sit this one out as it is going to be super squidgy under wheel. Hope to make it back to regular riding soon