Hi guys

Great ride Tuesday, Still experimenting with my GoPro camera let me know what you think?


6 Responses to “GoPro Video of Tuesday’s ride”
  1. Great video memory Tim! Maybe a slightly longer delay between snaps next time?

  2. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Interesting – perhaps you could have a variable frame speed linked to the speed of the bike – fewer shots of uphills, more of downhills lol. But certainly an interesting reminder of a good ride :-)

  3. The Prophet says:

    I could re-do with longer delay between frames but is would make the video 6 minutes not 4 would that be a problem?


  4. mark b says:

    Like the video thanks Tim.

    For those of you that are fit enough for endurance events (not me alas) this new one sounds good?


  5. gear masher says:

    Thanks Tim, a nice record of the ride. It was a good one :)

  6. DomDom says:

    Caught me nicely on that little tiny climb, where I dabbed! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ooops!!