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Meet at the lay-by past the car park as usual. We can work out a route up there.

Who can ride?

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The good news is the daylight, from tomorrow, will be getting shorter – so that means that night riding again will soon be here – happy days! :)

I propose we meet at the Crippets meeting place along the lane on the left. Climb Crippets, across woody section, up field, through gate, down to road, turn right, go towards Air Balloon, up hill towards Birdlip via dodgy lay-by area(!) On to more woody section, to George Hotel, along road, down really fun section, navigate to ‘the Wall’ section and return home from there via George Hotel and down Crippets…

How’s that sound?

Ride On

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All being well and not too busy work-wise I’m good for riding…who else can make it? Shall we do a local Lecky blast?

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Cleeve Hill ride, who’s up for it this week?

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Mark and I have decided to cancel the ride; not many can make it and we have other things to do etc. It may chuck it down later too. Sorry if you have arrived here expecting to see a ride post. Hopefully a good turn out next week; perhaps Cleeve again…watch this space.

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Cranham is the plan, I’m happy to post but would prefer someone else to lead the route – Mark, let’s do that new route you mentioned.

Hope we can all make it :)

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Happy New Year

DB again, who can make it? I hope to be home in time from work?!!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Who’s up for a blast from DB again? Reckon it will be muddy !!

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So it’s gloriously deep out there and cold!

DB meet? Thoughts? Too deep? Too cold?

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It was very icy up there last night but perhaps will be better tomorrow. Meet at the usual place.

Who’s going to brave the cold?

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