As discussed after the Birdlip ride, the next Tuesday ride will be from the usual starting place by Cleeve Common. I’ll try and vary the ride so we don’t revisit all the places some of you visited a fortnight ago; I’ll also try and avoid getting up to my knees in mud this time! As usual post if you intend to be there. Rick

5 Responses to “Ride on Tuesday 29th April on Cleeve Common”
  1. Rickster says:

    Doh – first posting so bound to screw up, start time will be 6.15pm as usual.

  2. petethebogmonster says:

    Looking forward to it, thanks Rick

  3. Ross says:

    Should be there!
    Will hopefully be the last of the squeeky rides for a while as bike due to have a service later in week!

  4. mark b says:

    should be there…

    Mark B

  5. Rickster says:

    Sorry guys for late cancellation – I’ve stuck in meetings all afternoon otherwise would have posted sooner.