After the success of previous curry nights and the fact that it was a while back since we had one lets do another.

We have been juggling dates for a while now so I am going to pick one and hope that it is far enough ahead for everyone to be able to make it.

So Lets go for Thursday 12th June, meet in Morans @ 7:00 for a meal @ 7:30. We have tried 2 curry houses so far, lets try a BYO. So B10 on Suffolk Road, formally Balti Raj, it is (any objections ?).

Hope you can all make it.

Post soon(ish) if you can make it so I can gauge numbers and get it booked.

Enjoy the weekend


PS Remember to bring beer.

10 Responses to “HotSingleCurry”
  1. mark b says:

    Less than a mile from my house?

    Count me in…

    Mark B

  2. petethebogmonster says:

    Cannot condone this type of behaviour, so I shall come observe and test beer and curry to make sure you’ll survive the evening!

  3. petethebogmonster says:

    Oh no! Thought we weren’t posting exact details just in case those (mountain biker fetish) women come out stalking us on our curry and beer night. Ross and I discussed this problem at length on Tuesday!How are we gonna manage to eat our curry without worry?

  4. Should be OK to come along – count me in!

  5. PS. Is this a HotSingleCurry or a HotSinglePlusAnyWorkmatesIFancyInviting Curry?

    Please let me know before the night as I’m not interested if it’s another work do….


  6. The Lost Prophet says:

    I’m in … Neil

  7. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Can’t find an excuse to avoid this :-)…….. Mark M

  8. Ross says:

    I’m up for the curry eve’
    Bring your own is good option for a school night, dont want to be to drunk and disorderly!

  9. Tim says:

    I am trying to organise my usual workload in order to avoid a school night’s drinking, but it seems that next week should be quieter….so I am pretty sure I can get back in time….. meet in The Suffolk first anyone?? TimK

  10. James Tod says:

    I’m in!