I’m just about to embark on a little winter (as long as it takes and money permitting!) project.  I’ve just purchased an Orange Crush frame and it will be a DIY build!
I’m thinking at the mo’ that it will be a burley trail thrasher. This means Ebay will possible get a lot more transactions from me!  So, what I’m also saying is if there are any parts that people want to sell, now could be a good time. Plus you won’t have to put them on Ebay!
I have looked at the finished bike that comes from the factory and this does have a great spec’ but I am leaning towards adjustable forks that will give my ride the ability to go up hills without wheelies and then thrash down the other side on full bore.
As this is on a budget, second hand is good but well used and just about to retire is not.  So, if you guys have any thoughts on bits to fit or have anything for sale let me know.  It also goes without saying that if you know anyone else who is in the market to sell, I might be interested.

Happy Trails,   Ross

One Response to “Project Crush”
  1. mark b says:

    Have got some brand new clip-in pedals if you are that way inclined…