Hi all,

Here I am just about to go off on a typical Rossi tangent & cant think of much to say!

So….Sat morning ┬áTim (of the not seen on a tues type!) and I went to the F.O.D & met fellow rarely seen Matt.

It was your typical not so early off, got to the forest around 10.30am. We set off on the family trail to get warmed up then into the woods & the mud, nice & slippy under wheel!

My bike was doing it’s creeking thing on the up hills and out performing the rider on the downhills. It has to be said that the new Fox shock is much better than than my old Roc’ SID!!!!!

Plenty of muck and bullets later three happy mbr’s were sitting down having earned their cuppas. Then I put the bike into the Pedalaway workshop, a few quids later I’ve a new bb & no more creaking when laying in the power(fingers crossed) This means that on Tues eve you won’t hear my bike, just me rattling on as usual!

Happy Trails!

2 Responses to “1st Proper Rambling?”
  1. Mr Jekyll says:

    Sounds like a blast have not been to th F.O.D. for ages must get out there again soon


  2. tarmacman says:

    Shame you didn’t post your ride before Saturday!