I bet you thought you were quite good at this biking malarkey didn’t you? It turns out you were wrong. Here’s Danny MacAskill to prove it:

Absolutely incredible stuff.

7 Responses to “Inspiration”
  1. mark b says:

    I like the ‘flare’ off the tree. Not bad for the son of a weatherman…

  2. The Prophet says:

    uh oh! – the video no longer exists : (

  3. Olly says:

    Should be fixed now. The vimeo version mysteriously disappeared :(

  4. The Prophet says:

    The man is mad !

  5. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Like the folk looking over the bridge parapet in the final scene!! Cool – well somehow it reminds me to upload my Helvellyn pics!

  6. gear masher says:

    He looks well confident – not much evidence of body armour!