Hi there.

This is not a Ramble, so its short even by my standards, as my typing cant go as fast as my mouth!

Great ride on Tues eve, good to see some new faces plus the usual suspects!

If anyone would like more of the same, Tim, Huw and my good self are back in that area on Sat morn.

Meeting up at Royal William pub 9.30am. This will be a shorter ride approx 2hr Max.

Check out the Ride Start points if you need directions.

Post if interested

Happy Trails. Ross

4 Responses to “Weekend Outings!”
  1. Captain Scarlet says:

    I reckon I can make it. not sure where the pub is though.

  2. Mr Jekyll says:

    Hi there

    I will get out on one of these rides one weekend, this weekend I am in Laaandon again so I will not be there.

    I have added a map on the main post of where the Royal William is for the new guys.

    Have a great ride


  3. petethebogmonster says:

    Would be nice, but up North, maybe to Dalby Forest tomorrow! Have fun, I did on Tuesday, can see why you all like to ride there!

  4. Ross says:

    Thanks Tim for sorting map, my IT skills arent that good, much prefer to use a big hammer and some wood!