Hi all,

Yes its that time again when I go off on one!

Well it was a sunny Sat morning when when the five of us headed for the mountains. It was an early start (830am) when we went through FOD and over the boader into a traffic jam in Wales! This was caused by a small hole in the road thus making 2 lanes into 1. Whilst sitting in this jam thoughts of whistling down winding singletrack and the sun casting its rays through the trees seemed a long way away.
We got to Cwmcarn(1100am!) sorted the bikes out and fueled up on coffee,flapjack & bananas! Well its one hell of a climb up, when temps around 24c.

Off we went slowly climbing up over the dry loose ground and those tree roots that can have a habbit of being in the wrong place when the going is hard enough!

After a few well needed rest stops we got to the best bits thats well worth the slog. It has to be said the views from the top are great so time to look, as its a bit of a job when going down!

The first non up section I think is the Sidewinder, this is loads of twisty bits going through a minefield of tree stumps(great stuff with lots of dust) Then you drop down through the trees winding you way around the mountain with some top singletrack that will put a smile on your face!

It has to be said that a Great ride was had, shame we only had the time & the energy to do the one loop.
If this has got you thinking go to mtb-wales.com then we should sort a big ride out there!

Happy Trails, Ross

2 Responses to “Sunny Wales!”
  1. The Prophet says:

    Sounds super fun, def try and get a HST outing !

  2. mark b says:

    Shame I couldn’t make it but should be able to do more weekend rides now…