Hi all,
Hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thought I would drop a couple of lines as I’ve not written for a while.
Now we all need to burn off the mince pies and excess drink from the last few weeks, I do believe I have eaten my own body weight in chocolate alone!
So its out on the bike to enjoy what the winter weather has to throw at us. For a couple of people this has meant biking in the snow(lucky Guys) for the rest it means not getting blown off the bike and plenty of mud!
Talking of mud, Mark B and I found plenty of this on a ride today from The Royal William, we gave Olly’s route a go but managed to shorten it with a long push up to the road leading away from Birdlip to the sweet singletrack. Bomb holes were done as they should then it was back on the road……the road which has been completely redone! Tarmacalastair will love it! Then up through the woods to the top of ‘the wall’ which was ridden with style and finess. This is when I wish I had put the new tyes on that are currently gracing the dining room.
More spending required as Mark pointed out that my saddle bag was bursting, this was due to getting a downhill innertube in and thus filling it beyond its capabilities. So it online after this to research… which might involve looking a new forks as well!

Happy Trails

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