Is it worth making a tentative plan for a ride tomorrow night? So long as it isn’t stair rods I’d like to get out, any one for Daisybank? How was Royal William on Saturday? Forgotten what you all look like! Fingers crossed!

6 Responses to “Are we tempting fate?”
  1. Ross says:

    Could be up for it!
    I agree if its p*****g down its not so much fun to be soaked before you even get up the hill.

  2. petethebogmonster says:

    We can do the phone call after work thing again if thats alright, Daisybank?

  3. mark b says:

    Hi guys

    Will be there 6:15.

    Mark B

  4. Yep, should be there!

    Mark M, can you make it? We can make sure we keep the pace down a bit if that puts you off. How about you leading a Painswick/Edge/Upton ride next week as it would be nice to have a change of scene?

  5. Olly says:

    Yeah, I’ll be there, assuming the weather isn’t biblical. Don’t fancy riding in a locust storm or through a river of blood :)

  6. Suicidal Downhiller says:

    Guys – Not overly enthusiastic about this evening so will give it a miss again.

    Happy to suggest something for next week if you like ….will try to post early Monday evening so can check detailed 24hr weather forecast before committing myself!

    Cheers Mark M