Is anyone up for a ride on Saturday? or Sunday?
Location and start time flexable! (am!)
Had thought of the F.O.D or Cleeve hill for a change, but up for anything as the weather is looking OK?

Post with views if interested?


7 Responses to “Weekend Ride?”
  1. mark b says:

    Hi Ross

    Can’t do Saturday but up for FOD or Cleeve on Sunday. Will get me out of laying paving slabs….
    Much drier forecast for weekend…

    Mark B

  2. I would be interested but can’t promise if it’s local and fairly early…. Won’t be up for FOD as got horrible cold.

    Also planning to take wheel in to Roylan’s today to see if they can fix my spoke, so it all depends on that…..

  3. That was meant to read that I’m interested if local and fairly early….

  4. Olly says:

    Ah yes, forgot about that. Need to get my back wheel sorted. Was riding with a broken spoke and loads of loose ones on Tuesday. The bike’s falling apart! :)

    Might be up for sunday, but I’m likely to be ragging the 222 down the local stuff.

  5. petethebogmonster says:

    I was hoping for a Saturday morning ride, Cleeve sounds good. There is apparently a bit of trail building/repair work going on in FOD on Sunday and they’re looking for volunteers from 1000 until 1400, was thinking of going along as Polly has shown a strange interest in building the trails, rather than riding them(?). I have no broken spokes except on the old wheel!

  6. Ross says:

    I’m leaning towards Saturday. Up for Cleeve but not sure on routes! or could go for my fav’ Olly’s route?(Royal William)
    FOD is out now, as stuff to do in the afternoon.
    Will suggest a 9.30am start
    Sorry…. after posting for a ride its a bit vague but I’m not the best route planner! I Just like riding my bike!

  7. gear masher says:

    I can’t make this weekend. Weather looks promising though for those of you that do make it!

    Cheers, Tony